Sexualities and Dementia: Education Resource

Sexualities and Dementia: Education Resource

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Create Date January 14, 2015
Last Updated February 19, 2015

Sexualities and Dementia: An education resource for Health Professionals

Caring for people with dementia who express their sexualities continues to be a major challenge for health professionals. This education resource, targeted at health professionals, will increase understanding of sexualities for people living with dementia.

The resource aims to:

    • Increase understanding of the concepts of intimacy, sexuality, sexual behaviours and expression of various types of sexuality (including the benefits of and barriers to expression of sexuality)
    • Identify dementia-related sexual expression
    • Discuss the roles of health professionals and approaches to the expression of sexuality by people with dementia
    • Consider the cognitive capacity of people with dementia to have intimate and sexual relationships
    • Provide a framework for developing policies/guidelines on sexualities for people with dementia
    • Identify strategies to transfer knowledge of sexualities and dementia into care practices

Please note, this download is the Sexualities and Dementia, Education Resource for Health Professionals.

The Facilitator’s Guide is also available, as a separate download from here