About Us

About Us

Improving the quality of care and support provided to people living with dementia and their families.

The Dementia Training Study Centres were established in 2006 by the Australian Government in order to strengthen the capacity of health and aged care sectors to provide appropriate evidence based prevention and early intervention, assessment, treatment and care for people with dementia.

High quality care

At the Dementia Training Study Centres, we are advocates and educators in the field of dementia care. Our activities around Australia are based on a collective vision of high quality care for people with dementia.

We are responsible for increasing the transfer of contemporary research knowledge, and enhancing dementia care skills in everyday practice of health professionals working with people living with dementia.

State Centres

There are five Dementia Training Study Centres in Australia:

 National Priority Areas

Our goal is to enhance the knowledge and skills base of the current and future dementia care workforce.

The Centres prioritise the development and delivery of training resources, events, services and activities to reflect a broad range of dementia related topics including:

  • Primary Care
  • Acute Care
  • Allied Health
  • End of life care/palliative care
  • Environmental design
  • Standards and evaluation
  • Medication management


The Dementia Training Study Centres are driven by six key objectives:

  • To Identify and meet the dementia-specific education and training needs of the health and aged care sector
  • To develop, promote, implement, evaluate and work to ensure the ongoing sustainability of dementia-specific education and training programs in response to stakeholder and target group needs
  • To facilitate the skill and professional development of health professionals throughout the broader health and aged care sectors in relation to dementia
  • To facilitate the transfer of evidence based knowledge into the day-to-day practice of dementia care
  • To develop, promote and evaluate workforce development activities, particularly with regards to work place change, leadership, career and education pathways
  • To empower the target group and other key stakeholders to develop the capacity and skills of themselves and their staff, and to undertake and pursue improved dementia care.