Come Into My World

Come Into My World

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Create Date April 22, 2015
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Come Into My World - How to Interact with a Person who has Dementia, an educational resource for undergraduate healthcare students on the provision of person‐centred care.

This educational resource will illustrate that, by using a more person-centred care approach, healthcare practitioners can improve both the quality of their practice and the wellbeing of the person with dementia.

The educational resource consists of a workbook (pdf file) with embedded links to short videos and is based on the work of Professor Tom Kitwood (1997) and Professor Dawn Brooker (2007).

The workbook interrelates with the re-enacted case scenarios created from healthcare professionals’ experiences of caring for people with dementia. It is envisaged that, by illustrating examples of the person-centred care approach in real-life situations, it will help healthcare students to enhance their professional practice.

Published by: Flinders University of South Australia, Sturt Road, Bedford Park, SA 5042 in partnership with South Australia & Northern Territory Dementia Training Study Centre