Nutrition for people living with dementia

Nutrition for people living with dementia

A recording of a webinar presentation by, Sandra Capra AM, PhD, FDAA, Professor of Nutrition, Director, Academic, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, Centre for Dietetics Research, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, on 11 November 2015, for WA DTSC.

This presentation provided an overview of nutrition issues and considerations among people with dementia such as:

  •     Malnutrition
  •     Loss of ability to eat certain kinds of foods
  •     Complexity of nutrition problems across the
  •     continuum of cognitive decline
  •     Creating calming and relaxed eating environments
  •     Challenging the “public health” approach to nutrition

View the video presentation (PowerPoint with audio)

Download the presentaion (PowerPoint as pdf – 1,180 Kb)