Communication Matters: Expanding Horizons

Communication Matters: Expanding Horizons

A video recording of a seminar presentation by Elizabeth Oliver, Occupational Therapist, Care Innovation, Catholic Homes Inc, and Natalie O’Brien, Speech Pathologist and Clinical Educator, Curtin University, on 25 November 2015, for WA DTSC.

Overview of presentation:

The emphasis for this workshop is on non-pharmacological interventions for people living with dementia with the aim of minimising the functional impact of cognitive-communication difficulties and maximising engagement and quality of life.

The Speech Pathologist’s role in fostering functional communication and communication opportunities will be explored.

A range of practical strategies will be showcased to promote meaningful interactions and connections between staff, families and older adults living with dementia, including communication boards, ‘life story’ books, iPads and group reminiscence activities.

Case study examples of residents living in a high care residential facility will be used to demonstrate the various interventions.

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