An Introduction to Younger Onset Dementia

An Introduction to Younger Onset Dementia

A video recording of a seminar presentation by Aedan Siebert, Younger Onset Dementia Coordinator, and Susan Veart, key worker in the Younger Onset Dementia team, Alzheimer’s Australia WA on 20 May 2015 for WA DTSC.

Presenters learning objectives include:

  • To learn about the prevalence of Younger Onset Dementia (YOD) and how it differs from Late Onset Dementia (LOD).
  • To develop an understanding about common forms of YOD and their impact on a person’s function.
  • To explore unique issues experienced by people living with YOD, including protracted diagnosis, limited access to appropriate services and financial difficulties.
  • To learn more about the role of the AAWA YOD Keyworker Program.

View the video presentation

Download the presentaion (PowerPoint as pdf – 192 Kb)