BPSD Quick Reference Cards

BPSD Quick Reference Cards

The BPSD Quick Reference Cards resource was developed by the QLD DTSC for the TRACS Community of Interprofessional Practice-Dementia to provide an on-the-spot point of reference for health professionals and care staff working with people with dementia to help in the management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD).

Quick guide to BPSD poster image

The cards are provided as a guide only, to remind or prompt interventions and raise points to consider, including the next steps to take. It is recommended that the resources on which they are based be referred to for more comprehensive and detailed information.

The resource comprises:

  • Flip cards: A set of 15 cards that address 10 common BPSD (aggression, agitation, anxiety, apathy, psychotic symptoms, depression, disinhibition, sleep disturbance, vocally disruptive behaviour and wandering), delirium, recommended assessments and frameworks. They are designed to be hung on a hook on the wall and can also slip into your pocket.
  • Lanyard cards: two cards featuring  checklists on:
    • How well am I communicating?
    • Understanding the behaviour being observed
    • Getting to know the person living with dementia
  • Poster: an A3 poster about the resource

The BPSD Quick Reference Cards resource, developed by the QLD DTSC, can be downloaded or ordered directly from TRACS-CIP-D