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WA seminar, February 2014 – Oral health for people with dementia

A WADTSC seminar presentation by Clive Rogers, The Visiting Dentist, on 20 February 2014.
Clive Rogers has 18 years of experience in caring, studying and teaching about the oral and dental health of people living with dementia.  He therefore has…

End of Life Dementia Care: Can We Do It Better?

Presented by International Guest Speaker, Professor Julian Hughes and Senior Australian of the Year 2013, Professor Ian Maddocks.
•What makes dementia care at the end of life different from other chronic diseases?
•What constitutes palliative care in people with dementia?…

The Carer’s Dementia World

Qld DTSC Guest lecture presented by Vince and Lorrae O’Rourke at QUT Kelvin Grove on 9 December 2013….
This presentation enables the audience to understand the life of the carer from dementia diagnosis to post care.  Dementia and the

State of the Science: Nutritional Interventions in Dementia Care

Guest Lecture presented by Prof. Elizabeth Beattie at QUT Kelvin Grove on 22 Oct….
Dementia is associated with an array of different nutrition and feeding problems,  many related to functional capacity changes over time but others related to the

Communication and Dementia

QLD DTSC Guest Lecture presented by Dr. Erin Conway at QUT Kelvin Grove on 10 Sept….
A background to the communication impairments associated with different types of dementia and the role of communication as part of care.

A Screening Tool for Dementia for a Multicultural Society (RUDAS)

QLD DTSC Guest lecture presented by Dr. Jeffrey Rowland at QUT Kelvin Grove on 20 August .…
Doctor Rowland discusses his research to develop a mental state screening tool that is able to be used across multiple cultures.  The presentation

Quality of Life as Flourishing: What Do We Know? What Do We Need to Find Out to Make Life Worth Living?

QLD DTSC Guest Lecture presented by Dr. Kimberly Van Haitsma at QUT Kelvin Grove on 24 Sept….
Flourishing is an emerging concept in the field of positive psychology, but has received little attention in relation to its potential to

A View from Europe: European Research Group Interdem and the Improvement of the Quality of Dementia Care and Research

QLD DTSC Guest lecture presented by Prof. Myrra Vernooij-Dassen at QUT Kelvin Grove on 25 June….
Psychosocial intervention research has emerged as today’s forerunner, given its aim to improve daily practice in professionals who provide support to people and

WA seminar, November 2013 – Falls prevention for people with dementia

A WADTSC seminar presentation by Professor Keith Hill, Head of School, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University, on 20 November 2014.
Falls and fall related injuries are substantially more common for older people with dementia than for older…

WA seminar, October 2013 – Overview of Dementia Behaviour Advisory Management Service, (DBMAS), with case study

A WADTSC seminar presentation by Donna Harding and Jennifer Edgecombe from DBMAS, Alzheimer’s Australia WA, on 16 October 2013.
The Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services (DBMAS) is a state-wide service funded by the Department of Social Services.  The service is…

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